Virtual Gastric Lap Banding Hypnotherapy

A Weightloss Program that Works!

Start losing the weight you want gone NOW with virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, There is NO dieting involved, NO shakes, NO deprivation, NO counting calories, NO pills, NO costly invasive surgery, NO downtime to recover, NO pain, NO needles, NO surgical risk and NO side effects. By using Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosisa state of mind is created where you will believe you actually have a Gastric Band fitted! You will eat smaller portions and feel full. Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a long term solution to your weight problems.

How does it work?

When people try to lose weight with traditional methods,they suffer from deprivation and feel miserable as a result. this is because we enjoy eating and when on a "diet" we miss out on eating foods that we enjoy. Diets only make us think about food more often and what it is we can't have. Hypnotherapy removes this feeling of deprivation. It removes the need and desire to eat those foods that you know are no longer helpful for you. I help you to feel in control of food and not food controlling you. I help you to eat consciously and to listen to what your stomach tells you rather than your mind. I help you to form new healthy habits that you can maintain for life. All you are required to do is to relax back into a comfie chair and enjoy the process.

Thousands have found Hypnosis as an effective way to lose weight. I transfer the pleasure derived from overeating or eating the inappropriate foods to a healthier habit of your choice e.g. three small meals each day, some exercise, drinking more water and good old fashioned relaxation. The Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical technique which uses the power of hypnosis to retain the person to be satisfied with smaller portion of food. Clinical Hypnotherapy convinces the mind that the stomach is full after a smaller amount and tthere is ot desire to eat more.

The advantages of Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis over traditional surgery are as follows:

  • Surgical risks are eliminated
  • There is no pain involved
  • Costs are a fraction of those for traditional surgery
  • Stress and emotional eating are also addressed
  • The procedure is totally pain-free
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A Virtual Gastric Band is like 'flicking a switch in the brain.' It changes a person's attitude towards food and helps them regain control over cravings and bad habits. Feedback shows increased willpower and no need for the person to deprive themself of the foods they enjoy. Weight is lost naturally and consistently without dieting.

It is very safe and delivers predictable results that carry ZERO risk. The most important difference about the Virtual Gastric Band in comparison to the actual gastric band (also known as lap band) is that the virtual version deals with the issues in a person's mind and their relationship with food. Having a foreign body inside their stomach simply does not deal with the psychological factors. A bariatric surgery patient has to eat a pureed diet for the first few weeks and can still overeat causing the band to burst. With the Virtual Gastric Band if they find they are eating too much it can be tightened under hypnotherapy. There is no invasive surgery and they are treating the psychological problems not just the physical.

Our subconscious mind controls our habits and emotions, which make it possible through hypnosis to make positive changes. The only re-requisite is a willingness for change as you can't be hypnotised against your will. Hypnotherapy is completely safe. You are aware and in control at every moment and can terminate the session at any time. Hypnosis is not sleep, it is an awake state.You cannot get "stuck" in a state of hypnosis. You cannot be made to do something agains your will. there are no drugs and no unpleasant side effects. Hypnosis is a safe, relaxing and enjoyable experience with ZERO risk.

Your Virtual Surgery

There are 4 comprehensive sessions, after the four sessions there is the option to continue meeting for support, encouragement and more hypnotherapy if this is required. It is a known fact that people who are on a weight loss journey, are far more likely to succeed if they receive ongoing support. The cost is $360.00 for the four sessions and $49.00for each subsequent support session. Support sessions involve the practice of my hypnosis, so this is a bargain rock bottom price! (I really want you to succeed!)

True Nature Therapies

There are many habits associated with eating which are controlled by the subconscious mind. Since Hypnosis works directly with the subconscious, this is the only method for weight loss that makes sense. Allow me to guide you to your new slim body and a balanced way to live the rest of your life.

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